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MISSION: LEBCAL WINE is a family owned California based company. Dedicated to proudly representing Lebanese wine to its full potential. We look to our self as a company that creates a passionate bridge between the wineries and consumers. While crossing that bridge we secure the financial logistics cost, so wineries can produce and we can deliver that perfect, affordable taste to your glass. Experience the variety of some of the finest Lebanese wineries through one company. CHEERS.


Lebanon is a small country. Nested at the eastern most point of the Mediterranean, where the waves wash its shoreline from the furthest point North to its lowest point south. Lebanon has a long dry hot summer with plenty of sunshine and short rainy cool winter with fog covering its green mountains. Vines are planted on the face of the mountains and through the valleys. Due to Lebanon’s landscape, cultivating is done by hand and small machines. Vines are planted at various altitude that ranges from 900feet to 5500 feet.


HISTORY: Wine making in Lebanon goes back to 1500 B.C when our Ancestors, the Phoenicians sailed the Mediterranean Sea looking for adventure and trade. They brought back vines from Greece, Italy and surrounding countries. The climate and the landscape of Lebanon helped the vines to produce that unmatched quality of grapes. Lebanese wine is documented in many ancient books and mentioned throughout history by Prophets, Kings and Rulers. Lebanese wine making descends from generations of hard work and pride. At our present time, Lebanese wine continues to achieve some of the highest awards cross Europe.